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Flooring installation is personal

After spending time researching, shopping, and finally choosing the perfect floor covering, your flooring installation is the tie that binds everything together for an excellent finish. A great installation takes in all aspects of your flooring need to accommodate individual needs, sizes, and more. We will explain all the most important details and answer any questions you might have about the process.

As flooring installers and retailers, we have plenty of product knowledge and experience that assure your complete success with the process. We’ll make sure measurements are perfect and that your specific requirements are taken into consideration before attempting to install the first piece of flooring. Let’s find out more about the process and all that we do.

What to expect from your flooring installation

If you’ve never had brand new flooring installed, you might wonder what the process will consist of. We will start by taking precise measurements of every space that will have new flooring installed. Even if you have fireplace hearths, staircases, columns, or other architectural oddities, we’ll take perfect measurements for an ideal flooring install.

There are several things you can do to prepare for your installation that will hasten the process along. Moving furniture, wall hangings, and mantle nicknacks is a good start. Empty anything sitting in the bottom of closets that will be floors, and if necessary, consider removing baseboards and door frames. Finally, you can perform a thorough cleaning of your existing floor, if the new flooring is being installed on top of that.

Various materials will require various installation techniques. Laminate, for example, can be installed quickly and easily, especially if using the click and lock system. Hardwood, natural stone, or carpet require much more intricate work, special tools, and a lot of experience so that the process can take a bit longer. We’ll explain all the details surrounding the installation of your chosen material or materials so you’ll never have to wonder what the process will be like, or how long it will take.



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We offer excellent flooring installation

Christian's Carpets & Fine Flooring (CCFF) serves the areas of North Liberty, IA, and offers excellent products and services. As flooring installers, we install the flooring ourselves with a very hands-on approach throughout the entire process, making it a personal experience that you’ll be an integral part of, right from the start. For trustworthy flooring installation in North Liberty, IA, be sure to stop by our showroom there.