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The importance of using the right flooring cleaning products

Choosing the right flooring cleaning products does more than keep your floors clean and beautiful. They also work towards helping your floor covering meet its expected lifespan without extensive additional renovations are other services. Since this is a regular procedure you'll be doing anyway, it only makes sense to make the most of it by choosing products that work best for your floor covering.

Specialized cleaners or general-purpose?

For many materials, a general cleaning solution often works wonders. This is especially the case with luxury vinyl flooring and some laminate products. As long as the cleaners aren't too abrasive or overly harsh with chemical additives, it's likely to serve your needs well.

This can even be true for a variety of tile flooring types, except for specialized grout cleaner. When it's time to clean your grout, be sure to refer to your manufacturer's warranty or give us a call for information on your specific grout type. It's essential to choose a cleaner that doesn't degrade the product, but that gives you the cleanliness you want and need.

For the absolute best peace of mind and results alike, be sure to take advantage of our professional floor cleaning services. These are well put to use when you have solid hardwood, carpet, or all-natural stone flooring, as you'll never have to worry about researching the perfect cleaners for your specific product. You can relax, knowing that the cleaning of your floor coverings is in good hands, and we'll ensure a satisfactory result, every time. For more information on how we can get started on your flooring right away, give us a call or visit our showroom to speak with a flooring specialist.



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