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Can I install hardwood flooring in my basement?

If you’re wondering if you can install hardwood flooring in the basement, the short answer is “yes.” But some other pieces of pertinent information will give you a better idea of why and how.

It’s also an excellent floor covering for all the other rooms in your home. You’ll be surprised to find the extensive options available to you as you browse the product line.

What makes excellent hardwood flooring?

Solid hardwood offers attributes and characteristics that have been sought-after for hundreds of years. Durability provides superb performance, including a lifespan that can last up to 100 years and more, with the proper maintenance.

It’s a perfect choice for heavy traffic, especially if you choose a comparably protective species type. Living rooms, kitchens, and hallways are excellent placements for these materials.

Engineered wood flooring is the best real-wood alternative for basements and other below-grade spaces. It stands up to environmental variables such as humidity, moisture, and varying temperature changes without taking on damage, as solid wood can often do.

Both products allow you to choose species type, stain color and finish to personalize these beautiful floors. You can even select unique installation methods that add to a gorgeous appearance in the finished product, so be sure to ask your flooring professional about all your options when you arrive.

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